Thomas A. Edison
A really smart dude
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
- Thomas A. Edison
I Will Teach You How to Tap into the Time-Tested, Money-Making Book Trend that Changes Lives!
Now you can learn how to design and publish your own awesome niche
workbook easier, quicker and more beautifully than you’ve ever imagined!
Leapfrog to the front of the class, grab your goggles, and be prepared to create your very own AWESOME Workbook by the end of this AMAZING training experience! 
(No experience lab, graphics or special tech necessary.)
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Dear Future Designer and Publisher,

Picture your customers... 

They've been reading self-help, business how-to and books on just about any topic. Some of those may be your books. But they have yet to take action.

Why? Call it "life getting in the way" or "lack of time," but it's been proven that people are more likely to take action, implement your expertise and see their lives changed if they have a roadmap that gives them step-by-step directions.

Guess what? YOU already have the answer!

It's all about the MOTIVATION, combined with a blueprint of action. People love this idea but most just can't put together the big picture, because they don't have an action plan... or the right steps... or they just don't know where to start. And you may have the "craziest" idea to create the perfect workbook to help them over this hurdle of inaction... if you only knew exactly HOW.

The point is, you can create any type of workbook you wish... all you need is the right tools and the right training. 

So what would YOURS look like? And how would it stand out against the others? 

THIS IS EXCITING! Your own Workbook in the hands of your readers and customers, people taking charge of different areas of their lives and seeing dramatic results they just can't help but tell their friends about!

Which means more of YOUR workbooks will be sold as word spreads it's the best blueprint around for your topic.

As a well-seasoned author, artist and publishing professional, I’ve helped hundreds of authors like you develop low-content books, including journals, planners and... yep, workbooks. And in my own personal research, I’ve discovered a huge gap in the marketplace waiting to be filled by combining these books with other low-content books like planners and journals to create one-of-a-kind highly-desirable, easily sellable (and re-sellable) products.

What if you could have at your fingertips all the step-by-step training (complete with look-over-my-shoulder demonstrations of each production-process and the best creation methods) you need to create your own beautiful, simple, and marketable Workbook? (Remember, one of my top values here at The Book Ninja is training you to compete head-to-head with the big guys. If you follow my expert instruction, your workbook will not look, feel or operate as a "self published" planner, but will elevate your professionalism and marketability to the level of a professional publisher.)

So, tell me.... How much would you invest in a live, step-by-step design, and marketing course for this longstanding stable income-earning book publishing niche?

See, what I want to do is teach YOU exactly how to design and publish these amazing books yourself… without the high cost of hiring book designers, programmers, writers or formatters. I don’t want to just throw a bunch of facts together or share some good theories! What I want to do is put into your hands the know-how to turn around and design your own Workbook… immediately!

In this training, you get the benefit of all the years of training, experience, research and know-how I've personally invested in my own career in the publishing industry. Skip to the head of the lab and be prepared to create your own beautiful Workbook by the end of this training experience! (No beakers., or prior book design experience necessary for the creation of these books...)
In this extensive hands-on training, you'll discover...
  • STYLES & NICHES: The most popular types of workbooks on the market and how to make them niche-specific to create the PERFECT one-of-a-kind product your audience will LOVE to buy over and over again. (Your best ideas expanded and skyrocketed to awesome, immensely marketable strategies!)
  • MAGIC INSIDE: What exact elements to put inside your workbook to make it the perfect, actionable book customers will buy (again and again), use and recommend to their friends.
  • FINANCIAL IMPACT: How this low-content book can change your financial life.
  • MULTI-SOURCED: Where to find source material for your workbooks and how exactly to quickly and easily transform that material into a format your readers will LOVE.
  • WORKBOOK COVER DESIGN: EXACTLY step-by-step how to design a high quality workbook cover, including the spine, dimensions, where to get images and MORE! (With programs that work on BOTH Mac AND PC!)
  • INTERIOR WORKBOOK DESIGN: EXACTLY FROM SCRATCH step-by-step demos of how to lay out the interior of your book page by page, with page numbers, how to do margins, and more in design programs for BOTH Mac AND PC.
  • BACK COVER COPY & DESIGN: What goes where, what to do about ISBNs, how to write that perfect grab-them-and-draw-them-in book description specific to workbooks, how to calculate spine width and MORE.
  • SELL IT! How to price your workbook to SELL, compete and still make money, and a complete session JUST on the best marketing methods that work for workbooks!
Your special investment for ALL this high-content step-by-step instruction is ONLY $97!
I could easily charge over $197 for this course... 
This is your top-secret invite to take advantage of this special rate!
With your registration today you will receive:
  • Access to the all THREE Training Sessionsvia the exclusive member page - each session is between 60-90 minutes of power-packed training with live demos of how exactly to source material and then format that material into your workbook.
  • BONUS #1: Access to step-by-step demos on how to upload your book to CreateSpace and Ingram Spark.
  • BONUS #2: Accountability Group (Our members-only Facebook group where your classmates are posting questions, answers and their work to encourage you to get yours done!)
  • INCLUDES: Lifetime access to the ENTIRE training… forever! (Worth WAY MORE than your investment in this course.)
All This For Just $97 - for a very short time!
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Unsolicited Excitement from your Fellow Classmates!
 Thank you Kristen. Within a week of finding you, you have literally resurrected a project I've had on my heart for years and I was unable to complete and got me to really work on it for my hypnosis weight loss clients. I won't sell it on Amazon, but will sure help my business a lot.

- Gwen Bach
 Still thinking of Kristen's idea of a series... I have two books published in a very niche corner and just came up with FIVE journals I could do to tie into the books! Love this training!

- Laura De La Cruz
 I am so grateful I took this course. Just published my second book in less than a month!

- Kathy Rogers
 Kristen Joy, Thank you, Thank you - for training sessions jam-packed with usable information. I came into this class wanting to learn how to create journals and came out with a plan to set up my own publishing company, preview knowledge of publishing software, and new group of writing peers. You delivered above and beyond my expectations. Your homework assignments meshed with the flow of ceative ideas and we also came out with plans for projects. Your class delivered quality material plus a mind-set change. Thanks again. Wishing you Abundant Blessings in your future.

- Lana Jackson
 Kristen's positive energy, keep-it-real approach and ability to cut through the extraneous and hone in on the key elements is a true gift! I'm tickled to be orbiting her planet!

- Christy M. Johnson
 O.M.G!!! After not finishing the journals I started with Kristen's first class... now I have two done thanks to her Canva class! I have the proof from one and the other is already available on Amazon. I'm so excited. Kristen, you rock! 

- Rona Gofstein
 Love it Kristen! I have taken tons of similar courses over the years (not for journals of course) and you surpassed them all in content, delivery and took motivation to a whole new level. I cannot thank you enough for that. Because of you, I will have my journal off to the printers as soon as the few people finished reviewing for me. Thanks again for EVERYTHING! You my friend are an angel. 

- Kaitlyn Storm
 Thank you Kristen for sharing your passion, wisdom and most of all your skills and resources! I am motivated to FINALLY write my first book in the form of a journal. Thank you for giving me the inspiration and now motivation to do something on my own!

- Sandy Rogers
 Kristen has been a great help since I found out about her. To call her a "Fountain of Knowledge" doesn't do her justice. She is the reason I went from publishing one book on Kindle to 7 in a years time.

- Ronald Nutter
 Whew! I’m exhausted and jazzed!! What a terrific course! Kristen, you are awesome, and I’m stoked about getting my project designed and out there. Thank you for the info and kick-in-the-seat to get my project off the ground. 

- Katy Pye
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All the bonuses are directly underneath the training in your Member's Area ready for you.
What about after I go through the sessions...can I still ask questions?
Absolutely! This course will entitle you to an exclusive, completely complementary invite to the Book Design Labs private Facebook group where your fellow students AND Kristen herself will be available to answer any questions that come up after and while you go through this training.
Due to the Instant and LIFETIME Access you receive to this high value training and accompanying bonus trainings, there are no refunds on this product
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